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Mending a Broken Heart SPELL

You Will Need:   * Dried Rose Petals (Pink or Red) * Dried Witch Hazel *Mortar & Pestle  * Sharp Scissors  * 'Healing' Oil / Oil Blend  * Red Embroidery Thread  * Orange Candle ( For Mending ) * A piece of Clear Quartz * A small Piece of Rose Quartz * Red Felt Fabric  * A Lighter  * A Smudge Wand  ( White Sage or Lavender ) * Storage Bag for Heart / Sachet Cleansing /intention Prayer: " I Consecrate these tools for healing a heart. I set the intention for a fresh start." Consecration blessing : " Love is true, the heart be not broken, Love starts within, new love is awoken. Take this energy to intertwine, the...

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"Keeping the Peace" Spell

  Keeping The Peace Spell : Obj: To combat negativity, drama & unwanted energies. To fill you home, sacred space & self with peaceful energy. You will need: White sage leaves White sage smudge wand or incense Black onyx crystals aqua aura crystals Clear Quartz ( optional with point ) ( Optional alternative ) black salt ( optional alternative) Blue sand X4 black candles ( Black Moon Candles optional) X 1 white candle Matches or lighter Perform: on a morning when you feel happy & positive. Refreshed & vibrant.  When you feel you can momentarily forget any Drama or negativity. - Begin by cleaning your surface. -Play some gentle & peaceful music. -You may use this time to smudge your...

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