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The Magick of Opalite

Giving off a stunning glow when placed in front of any candle or window light, this precious Guardian Angel totem made of Opalite, reminds you to pause, breathe & give gratitude for all that is. Free will allows us to create our own path, but that does not mean there are not other protective energies guiding you & watching over you. These Angel totems remind us that we are never alone, even in our darkest moments. Angels come to us in so many ways, usually when we need help the most. They can be in the form of a stranger, a loved one, an animal or pet and so much more. The high vibrations of love & light surrounds us...

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"Keeping the Peace" Spell

  Keeping The Peace Spell : Obj: To combat negativity, drama & unwanted energies. To fill you home, sacred space & self with peaceful energy. You will need: White sage leaves White sage smudge wand or incense Black onyx crystals aqua aura crystals Clear Quartz ( optional with point ) ( Optional alternative ) black salt ( optional alternative) Blue sand X4 black candles ( Black Moon Candles optional) X 1 white candle Matches or lighter Perform: on a morning when you feel happy & positive. Refreshed & vibrant.  When you feel you can momentarily forget any Drama or negativity. - Begin by cleaning your surface. -Play some gentle & peaceful music. -You may use this time to smudge your...

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