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Embracing Change Meditation

When the shift into Autumn starts to occur, there are so many lessons we can experience from it. When we look at what nature is doing at this time, it is often reflecting the energy that is also happening within us & around us in our lives. It is the time to rejoice in that last glow of Summer warmth, but also a time to learn to let go of what no longer serves us. The dead weight that is no longer necessary must fall away & it is up to us how long we want to hold onto it for. Once we realize it's no longer needed as part of our journey, it becomes easier to let go &...

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Evolving Your Divine Purpose Through Heart

  The best way to serve others, is to evolve yourself. Spend time sharping & enhancing your natural abilities & talents, then share them with the world. This is your Divine purpose. As simple as it may seem to some, others will still be in doubt of "what their life's purpose is," and to those I say, be still & listen to your heart. For the answers are already inside you, so there is no need to go searching or looking for them in other places. The things that you are naturally good at, you talents, special abilities, things that interest you & bring you great joy, that is your calling in life, part of the soul's Divine contract. However,...

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