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Creating Lilac Lunar Water

LILAC LUNAR WATER   Work with the nature that surrounds you. Lilac Usually is in full bloom around the time of the "Flower Moon" in the Northern Hemisphere. However, any flower that is safe for use & has energetic ties to intuitive / psychic / moon energy will do just fine. ( Be sure to research what you are harvesting.) Lilac is a symbol of love, but also frequently used during the victorian era during times of mourning, often placed over a casket of a loved one or blended into a lock of hair from the deceased to form a brooch. However, you can look at this energy at another angle. It helps one to 'let go,' or release. It...

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Enchanted Moon Wish Tea - Spell

The Moon, a mistress of true enchantment. Her serene nature teaches us to be still and radiate in the natural glow of our own white light. Graced by the presence of all her friendly stars, glistening in the sky, bringing light to the darkness that surrounds them. This is the magick of our Moon. Look to her feminine energy for an embrace and answers to our questions and desires. As long as you believe in her beauty & power, your wish shall be granted. You Will Need: 1 candle (white or a color that corresponds with your wish) 1 Rose Quartz Point Crystal White Sage ( smudge wand or loose leaves burned on charcoal) Non-Toxic Herbs  (as many as you want...

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