About Jenna Caprice & The White Witch Parlour

The White Witch Parlour Established 2013

Owned & operated by myself as a Solitary Practitioner, The White Witch Parlour was officially launched in August of 2013. After being guided by the Divine & my guides, I set forth on a magickal journey to my true calling in life. A line of products were soon created and one thing led to the next. Drawing inspiration from my connection and love for the old fashioned, Victorian apothecary style, I found a very appreciative clientele who found the branding to somehow lure them in. Little did they know it was much more than pretty labels; it was in fact the high vibrational positive energy of love & light I was adding to all the products that I was creating. As it turns out, our souls are like that of a moth & we are highly attracted to Light. In the low vibrational reality that many of us choose to live in, we tend to forget what positive energy feels like. It is that of being newly in love, watching a child learn something new, sharing a moment with a family pet. It is the natural high that we enjoy when we forget everything else and just enjoy the moment. Love is of the highest vibration and there is more than enough of it to go around.

In this lifetime I have made the decision to dedicate my life to aiding others in there awakening to a higher consciousness and showing them the magick that exists within them. Through the art and science of witchcraft I create handmade potions, bath /body products, incense, candles, ritual kits and more. I put so much time & thought into everything I create; whether it is designing the labels, choosing my supplies, creating the product, how i will package it, or how i will photograph it, I strive to find a meaning for every detail. Everything you see in my shop was created with high vibrations with pure love & light.

I use everyday to learn something new and appreciate all that I have been given. Being a witch is so much more than waving a magick wand or reading someone's fortune; it is a lifelong journey of obtaining knowledge and getting re-acquainted with the deepest parts of your soul. I choose to work with the light, because I do not wish to cause harm on another. I focus my energy to the greater good. In return I am gifted with happiness, love, health & being able to do what I love, while still helping others.

Since childhood I have chosen the path to becoming a witch, I could feel it within me; however it was not until my early 20's that I was able to dive into my studies and fully embrace it. Now I live happily amongst nature practicing and studying from sunrise to sunset, getting re-acquainted with my very old soul, and bringing a smile to the faces of all who grace me. Open your heart to the beauty that surrounds you and you will never have a dull moment.

A Witch's work is never done.
Blessed Be,
~ Jenna