Creating Lilac Lunar Water



Work with the nature that surrounds you.

Lilac Usually is in full bloom around the time of the "Flower Moon" in the Northern Hemisphere. However, any flower that is safe for use & has energetic ties to intuitive / psychic / moon energy will do just fine. ( Be sure to research what you are harvesting.)

Lilac is a symbol of love, but also frequently used during the victorian era during times of mourning, often placed over a casket of a loved one or blended into a lock of hair from the deceased to form a brooch. However, you can look at this energy at another angle. It helps one to 'let go,' or release. It carries an energy of being 'in between the worlds.' This is what makes the magick of Lilac great for working with heightened intuition, psychic growth & protection, a shield for empaths, working with hauntings or spirits or general divination & meditative practices.  Paired with it's soft & gentle essence & the fact that it tends to bloom under a Flower Moon in May, can help us to work with the magick of releasing old patterns, unwanted energies, strengthening intuition & Moon rituals.


How can you use Lilac Lunar Water? Well for starters, make sure you are not allergic to it or that it doesn't work up the allergies of those around you. If you are in the clear, there are several uses for your Lunar water. It is simple to make & really has you 'tune in' to the energy of the Full Moon. This lunar water can also be made under different full moons, using what is in bloom at that time, so that you are using a fresh harvest. Once it's made, you can't store it to long, so plan to use it within a couple days to a week.


So How do I make it? It's Simple, but you can make it more complex and time consuming if you really want to get into it, it's all about intention. Basically you'll need:


 * Clean water, 

* Fresh harvested Lilacs ( without pesticides & enough to fill your jar ) 

* A jar  

* 5 tumbled crystals of choice ( I went with Black Tourmaline for Psychic Protection ) each one represents the elements, earth, air , fire, water, spirit.. like the pentacle. 

*1 piece of Moonstone or Clear Quartz ( a sphere to mimic the moon if possible ) .

* Of course, choose to work under a full moon, a time for energy clearing, healing & release.


A few extras you can incorporate, would be: 

Black Tourmaline specifically is a shield from low vibrational energies, specifically protective for Empaths, Tourmaline blocks the aura from negative influence.

* 4 candles, 1 for each direction, North, South, East & West.

* A written blessing & Prayer or Incantation.

* Extra Crystals to create the vibe & intention you want

* A specific colored altar cloth

* Mini Pedestal for your jar

* wooden spoon or stir stick

* Decorative vase with extra flowers to welcome the energy in a big way.

* Incense for blessing your items, Sage for cleansing your items & Resins for holding intentions.

* Additional candles to set the tone & vibe.


Now to get started:

On the eve of the Full Moon, Set up your altar / sacred space outside & gather your items. If possible, collect water from a nearby lake or flowing river. 


To begin, Light your candles, cleanse your working tools & jar with your sage / incense & light your resin of choice ( or just leave your incense burning.)  Tip:  If you can't use smoke, use a found feather - or your hand - to waft "cleansing air" over your items.


After blessing your jar, take your tumbled stones 1 by 1 and give them a smoke bath, setting your intention into each one, then placing them in your jar.  


Then with a mantra or intention in mind, start gently plucking the lilac petals off your harvest and sprinkling them into your jar. Once full, begin to pour in your water to the top. 


Next take your wooden spoon or stir stick and gently push the lilacs down & stir. ( clockwise or counter, depends on your intent )

When complete, wipe the jar rim dry and cap it tight, then gently rotate to mix the crystals and lilacs around in the jar and place it upside down. 

Using the smoke, take your top stone ( Moonstone or Clear quartz ) and bless it, saying a mantra or prayer. Then place it on top.

That's it... Now you can meditate with it, or leave it overnight under the light of the full moon. 

Make sure to extinguish the candles or sit with them until they burn down. Bring in all your items for the night if you wish, but leave your lilac water and top stone out to soak up the moonbeams & collect it by first morning light, which is when you can prepare how you will use it.

 To get it ready for use, Strain out the lilac flowers using a spoon or cheesecloth pour the Lunar Lilac infused water into a new clean jar. Discard the flowers into a garden, compost or use them for other craft projects & take your tumbled stones out and clean them off.  If you plan on drinking the lilac water, make sure you pre-wash the lilac harvest & tumbled stones you are placing into water.   

It can be used in some of the following methods, but let your intuition & imagination guide you.

* Make a Ghost Spritz

( Drive away unwanted spirits or energies by spraying your rooms with it. )

* Add it to a meditative / Psychic cleanse Bath.

( Perfect for Empaths )

* Give you altar tools a good wash with some Moon energy.

* Add it to your drinking water, for a ritual.

( be wise about this, do your research )

* Add it to a cauldron blend or oil burner mix.

* Add some to your linen & bedding wash to enhance your psychic dreams & protection.

* Use it in a Foot Soak with Salt for a magickal moment.


.... the possibilities are endless. 

Just make sure to use your smarts & intuition.

xo ~ Jenna