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Strengthening & Developing Your Intuition

Strengthening & Developing Your Intuition Listen to your gut, it is pointing you in the next direction of your path. Wanna strengthen it? Follow these steps! - Meditation & Breathwork Take more time to breathe & simply "listen" to each breath. The background chatter of your mind quiets down & your intuition gets louder. - Utilize Your Senses Exercise your five senses, seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, touch. Spirit connects through all these ways and more, get more in tune with these senses to strengthen your intuition. - Get Creative When you work with your creative passions & endeavors you step into an energy of effortless channeling. You get "Called or Drawn" to pick a certain color or display a certain...

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The magick of amethyst

  Amethyst is a favorite among many seeking their higher spiritual self. Read below to find out why & how it can help you.     How it's formed: Amethyst often forms in combination with other minerals, such as Smokey Quartz, Cirtine, & quartz, creating whole new crystals with intensified elements. A scientific study, said that Amethyst owes it's color to high energy radiation or gamma rays from radioactive sources and the presence of iron built into its crystal lattice. Much of the Amethyst that we see today is taken from the gas cavities of ancient lava tubes from all over the world, Some possibly formed a million years ago & now have become the beautiful Amethyst pieces that we see...

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