Strengthening & Developing Your Intuition

Strengthening & Developing Your Intuition

Listen to your gut, it is pointing you in the next direction of your path. Wanna strengthen it? Follow these steps!

- Meditation & Breathwork

Take more time to breathe & simply "listen" to each breath. The background chatter of your mind quiets down & your intuition gets louder.

- Utilize Your Senses

Exercise your five senses, seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, touch. Spirit connects through all these ways and more, get more in tune with these senses to strengthen your intuition.

- Get Creative

When you work with your creative passions & endeavors you step into an energy of effortless channeling. You get "Called or Drawn" to pick a certain color or display a certain mood. This is your intuitive state of consciousness being displayed before your eyes.

- Dreamwork

Listen to & start to journal your dreams to become more in sync with your subconscious & intuitive mind.

-Break Your Routine

Step out of your comfort zone to stimulate your senses & shake them awake, by being in new surroundings.

- More Time in Nature

Reconnect with nature & you will reconnect with yourself.

- Listen to Your Internal Compass

Your will be pointed in directions constantly, but if your block your intuitive flow, you disrupt the internal compass, resulting in feeling lost ( in life. )

- Be Aware of Your Hunches

If something doesn't seem right, it's probably not, listen to those " I have a hunch" moments.

- Recognize Patterns

Learn from your past mistakes & the intuitive feelings that came right before them. The same goes for the positive moments.

- Work with Divination Tools

Strengthen your intuition by practicing with divination tools. Get comfortable with things like rune stones or tarot cards to understand the energy/ messages that come with them & the intuitions that follow.

- Stop Overthinking

Overthinking leads to a fear based mindset usually. Stop yourself from creating false narratives in your head & instead go with the flow. Listen to where your intuition points you, rather than trying to control it.

- Read the Vibes

Before jumping into a new friendship or place, practice intuition strengthening by observing the vibe or energy, what does your intuition tell you? After your interactions, look back on your first intuitive reactions, were you correct?


xo, ~ Jenna