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Attracting The Magickal Fae

We all have a chance to connect with the Earthly Elemental Spirits known as the Fae. They are the keepers of the realm of enchantment & these mythical beings can add such vibrancy to your life if you allow them in.  Although in Ancient Folklore we've heard tales of mischief from these powerful beings who can wreak havoc on one's life, this is not always the case with these Earth Spirits. It is said that Faeries have cousins, known as pixies, whom are the mischievous ones. The Fae exist among all the elements, making home & taking shelter within the forests, near lakes, in the flowers & yes, your gardens. So what better way to give them a warm welcome then offering a nicely constructed Faerie...

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Mending a Broken Heart SPELL

You Will Need:   * Dried Rose Petals (Pink or Red) * Dried Witch Hazel *Mortar & Pestle  * Sharp Scissors  * 'Healing' Oil / Oil Blend  * Red Embroidery Thread  * Orange Candle ( For Mending ) * A piece of Clear Quartz * A small Piece of Rose Quartz * Red Felt Fabric  * A Lighter  * A Smudge Wand  ( White Sage or Lavender ) * Storage Bag for Heart / Sachet Cleansing /intention Prayer: " I Consecrate these tools for healing a heart. I set the intention for a fresh start." Consecration blessing : " Love is true, the heart be not broken, Love starts within, new love is awoken. Take this energy to intertwine, the...

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Working with a Crystal Gazing Ball

The art of Gazing or Scrying is sacred and old. Often practitioners of divination, fortune telling & foreseers of the future, would gaze upon a glass crystal ball or dark reflective surfaces, such as the dark water of a well, or smoothed piece of Obsidian, this craft became known as 'gazing,' and is the act of meditation through a soft gaze, allowing thoughts and distractions to subside & the subconscious to become strong & clear.  It is long believe that mirrors are a direct portal to the spirit world, allowing loved ones, angels & spirits to come through to deliver messages, warnings & spiritual gifts to the practitioner. www.whitewitchparlour.com  Crystal Gazing Ball Available Here

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