The Power of Consistency

For a little bit of inspiration on how to ensure your magick will work. 

If looking to completely remodel your life in just 30 days, it’s not about how big a ritual you hold or how many tools you use in that ritual, it’s about the consistency of how frequently you put that energy into the pot of intention. Just five minutes of intentional moments every day for a month can completely transform your life. It creates the beginnings of new habit and energy into your daily flow. 

If for just 5 - 15 minutes each day you can take a moment to hold those intentional thoughts or feelings to help you get into alignment with the life you desire, those are the most powerful moments. Take a pause to intentionally light a candle or a stick of incense, pause and sit in meditation briefly in your own manifesting energy, a small amount of time here and there throughout a day or even just daily for a month will add up to great value in a short time.  

If you put a glass cup under a leaky faucet that has a slow & steady drip, eventually that glass will fill & even overflow, think of yourself as that glass cup, filling from each drop of intentional moments, working towards the bigger picture. 

In Love & Light, 

~ Jenna