Using Salt In Magick

Salt is one of the purest substances that comes from earth. It offers healing and protective properties and can clear the energy in any room. Salt is often used to remove or keep away any negative energy within or around your aura or home and it is said that laying down iron & salt at the entrances of your home will keep out the bad vibes or negative baggage from guests who enter. For centuries Black Salt has often been used for Hex or Curse breaking, because Salt is a powerful absorber of psychic energy & can help against possible psychic attacks, which usually occur when spirits chord themselves to a person.

Salt has the unique ability to also transmit electricity and is actually one of the strongest conductors known to man. It can even break down most metals, bringing them into a more natural state, while clearing any energy in a space. With this said, it is best to never leave open salt by an altar as it can constantly wipe your energy clean and make your workings less effective; instead, Himalayan Salt rock is softer in nature and better for leaving by sacred spaces if you choose to do so. Salt is a great way to cleanse tools and crystals from old or negative energies, however do not leave them in the salt to long, as they can tend to damage or rust. I highly recommend a Himalayan salt lamp in each room of the home or near an altar & a salt bath at least once a week. It will strengthen your aura and leave you pure of mind, body & spirit.



Pretty much every civilization on earth has the same ideas of the magickal properties of salt. It is a very grounding substance and when mixed with sand makes a wonderful way to cast a circle. With it's healing properties it is often put into medicine pouches amongst many different cultures and used in healing rituals. Remember: Salt does not distinguish between "good" or "bad" energies, therefore active magicians and priests, must handle it with care so that it doesn't inadvertently dampen their abilities and disturb their magical workings.

Practicing spiritual gurus use a variety of salts, colored or dyed blessed salts are often referred to as carrying stronger properties, as each color carries it's own unique vibration. Black Salt is often used for banishing or hex breaking and a line of black salt is often placed at the threshold of doorways to prevent enermies or those with the intention of harm from entering. Purple salt can be used to heighten the vibrations to activate the third eye as well as clearing away any toxins that may cause blockages from the practitioners visions and insight. Pink Himilayan salt brings a beautiful, subtle and loving energy, often used in the form of a lamp to clear away negative energy in a space that can cause stress or sickness.  Salt is a easily obtainable, affordable and powerful tool for any spiritual practice to help you reach your highest good.

Blessed Be,
~ Jenna