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Full Moon Release Spell

  For this Full Moon Ritual Spell to Release Energy, you will need: * A Full Moon * Calming Meditative Music ( can be found on Pandora & YouTube) * 1 White Candle (for Purity)  * Herbs for Banishment & Energy Clearing (as many as you like)             * Blank piece of paper (white or parchment) * Pen or Quill with Black Ink * Optional - Crystals for Full Moon energy: Selenite, Moonstone & ClearQuartz. * Lavender Herb ( For Full Moon, Calming & Love energy ) * A bowl of water & sea salt * White Sage Smudge Bundle & Smudge dish or Abalone Shell * Optional- White Sage Smudge Spray * Charcoal disk & Cauldron ( or fire proof...

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Before our incarnation here on earth, we agreed upon a Divine Contract. Yes, our guides and angels are always with us, watching us, guiding us and protecting us. However, there is one thing they cannot do without permission from Us, that is, interfering with our free-will.  When we are down and out, and choose the path of self destruction, whether through negative talk, anger or the use of different substances to make us "feel-good." We still tend to feel so lost, because nothing we do seems to pull us out of this low vibrational feeling. Well, there is something you can do, for some of us it takes practice and releasing the ego, long enough to 'Ask for Help.' There...

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