Before our incarnation here on earth, we agreed upon a Divine Contract. Yes, our guides and angels are always with us, watching us, guiding us and protecting us. However, there is one thing they cannot do without permission from Us, that is, interfering with our free-will.  When we are down and out, and choose the path of self destruction, whether through negative talk, anger or the use of different substances to make us "feel-good." We still tend to feel so lost, because nothing we do seems to pull us out of this low vibrational feeling. Well, there is something you can do, for some of us it takes practice and releasing the ego, long enough to 'Ask for Help.' There is nothing that the divine beings cannot do. Whether it is help for protection, strength, starting or growing a business, self-help, healing or anything else, all you have to do is Ask. Once you ask for divine help, you open that door to your guides and angels to intervene and work their magick.

When it comes to spell casting or energy healing on others, this is why we must have the person's permission. By them allowing you to perform a spell or energy work on them, they too are opening that door and allowing change to occur.  Working a spell on someone who is ill, can only benefit the person if they are aware of it, believe in the magick and trust the positive energy. If they are doubtful and set on their ways, not only can others not help them, but their own divine guides cannot intervene.

Often this is the issue with Love spells, people want to cast a spell on an unsuspecting person they are chasing after and all I can see are two possible problems with this. For one, the person they are casting the love spell on is unaware, unwilling and not open to it. Secondly, the person casting the spell are 'chasing' this desire. Chasing a desire, doesn't always benefit us. It is like chasing money, if you are chasing something, that means there is a hidden doubt that you will never receive it. Instead release all fears and allow your desires to flow to you, while still moving forward towards your goal, yes, but not chasing it. When you work a love spell, hold the intent in your heart to attract love, with no particular person in mind. Keep in mind, self-love is the most important key to attracting any kind of love, as it all starts within.

The law of Free-will is important to remember with any spell casting you perform, this includes dark magick or curses on others as well. If you set a curse on another, not only will you attract similar outcomes because of the vibration you are working at, but if the person is unaware of it, it in no way will it affect them.  However, once the 'victim' is threatened or believes that they have had a curse or dark magick worked on them, it can be a downward spiral from that point.  If they allow this thought to consume them, without ever asking their guides or angels to purify and release them from these fears, the person will literally start to attract all "bad" things to them. They will start to see everything in a negative light, if they get a cold, they will blame it on the curse, if they get laid off, it has to be because of the curse, and so on. This is a low vibrational snowball effect that eats at happiness, health and abundance.  If you vibrate on a positive level, in constant connection to Source/God, through mind, body and spirit, you naturally will not attract such negativity, because Free- will will not allow it in.

We all have the power of Free-Will, Ego however, stops us from asking for help, it creates obstacles when obstacles are not always needed. If practiced on a daily basis, asking for help through any problem big or small from the Divine Source, can make a mundane life much simpler and allow the magick of abundance to freely flow into your life. The distractions our ego places on us with"stressful" things, suddenly disappears and we are focused on the beauty of the magick we all hold within.

In Love & Light,

~ Jenna