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Traditional Besom Crafting, Chants & Blessing

SUPPLIES FOR A TRADITIONAL BESOM: - Handle should be made up of a four-foot length of ash, oak for the handle -Thin branches of birch for the bristle part (you can substitute a woody herb like mugwort or thyme for the bristles if you like) -Lengths of willow or heavy cord to bind everything together -You'll also need scissors and a bucket of warm water. Whatever you'll be using for the bristles -- whether it's birch, an herb, or some other wood -- should be soaked in the warm water overnight to make them pliable, as should the willow binding, if you're using it. (Consider making your broom within your sacred circle or sacred space ) * Always feel free...

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History of the Witch Broom (aka) Besom

During the time leading up to the witchcraft trials in Europe, the bread was made with rye. In a small town where the bread was fresh baked this was just fine, but as Europe began to urbanize and the bread took more time to get from bakery to grocer, the rye bread began to host a mold called "ergot". Ergot, in high doses, can be lethal, a fact that led to the rise in popularity of wheat bread. In smaller doses, ergot is a powerful hallucinogenic drug. it became quite popular among those who were inclined towards herbalism and folk cures. Ergot is mentioned in Shakespeare's plays, and turns up in virtually every contemporary writing of the witchcraft age. In...

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