Evolving Your Divine Purpose Through Heart


The best way to serve others, is to evolve yourself.

Spend time sharping & enhancing your natural abilities & talents, then share them with the world. This is your Divine purpose.

As simple as it may seem to some, others will still be in doubt of "what their life's purpose is," and to those I say, be still & listen to your heart. For the answers are already inside you, so there is no need to go searching or looking for them in other places. The things that you are naturally good at, you talents, special abilities, things that interest you & bring you great joy, that is your calling in life, part of the soul's Divine contract. However, part of your mission and soul's growth on Earth in this lifetime is to come to a place where you recognize this. The Journey is half of the purpose. No one else can tell you what it is you need to do in life, except for you. No psychic, mystic, or spirit can tell you, because you must experience all that you experience to get to this point. This is part of the awakening & growth, you were meant to experience in this "classroom of Earth."  The struggles & joy you face to achieve your life purpose is what makes it all the sweeter.

If you still feel you need to "know now" what you Divine purpose is, then close your eyes & breathe in through your heart. Stop asking & start listening. Follow this enchanted meditation to inspire you to "find" your purpose in life. 

On a snowy day or a day of peace ( Representing a blank canvas )

Find a window or door with window. ( To open a door / window to opportunity )

Place items of green in front of it. ( Green Activates the Heart Chakra )

Sit comfortably.

Place both hands over your heart.

Breathe deep, Inhale & exhale deeply 3-5 times. ( Release your mind of thought )

Come to a stable breathe. breathing through the nose & out the mouth.

Visualize Green energy flowing through your hands & into your heart.

( Eyes can be open & fixated on your green items or closed )

Hold the intent of "seeing" your Life's calling or Divine purpose.

Let words, visions or sounds fill your 'mind's eye,' do not force it.

'Listen' or see what it is & let it go. These feelings ( or vibrations ) will stay with you after the meditation & help bring clarity to your divine purpose.

Repeat this meditation as frequently as you like, to gain clearer images or messages from the Divine as to what your Soul's mission is.

You may ask the Divine for guidance, however, it is best to learn to listen to your heart & soul as in individual on this task. For your Soul & higher self already know what you are here on Earth for. As the days pass, pay attention to symbolism, dreams & "messages" that may come to you, as this is your Soul's way of remembering 'what it is you have to do.' You can take notes as you go, but it is not necessary, as your soul will remember once it has found you.

 Once you do obtain the knowledge & feel the charge of excitement & truth, sharpen your talents & skills. Get confident about your mission & then share it with the world. This is how you will fulfill your heart & spirit. This is what you were meant to do.

Love & Light,

~ Jenna