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The first things you should bring into the home are a loaf of freshly baked bread, a bottle of wine & a new broom. The bread and wine ensure that you will always have enough to eat and drink in your new home. The besom represents the male / female energies & protection. Use the broom to 'sweep' away any negative energies the former tenants may have left behind. A chant for the process and home blessing: " Protect this home, High to low, fence to fence, door to door, light to dense, roof to floor. " This also happens to be a traditional Jewish housewarming gift. Bread, that this house may never know hunger; Salt, that life may always...

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4 Step Spiritual House Clearing

  1. Find a beautiful glass bowl of any size. (A bigger one will not offer a bigger outcome. It is all intent and the energy you put into it. ) Then fill the bowl with salt. (simple house salt or rock salt will do) 2. Place the bowl with the salt near the heart of the home (the center - or where everyone gathers : Kitchen, living room, etc). 3. Leave it there for three days. 4. On the third day at sundown, take the bowl and the salt somewhere where you can release both the physical salt as well as the psychic attachments it has absorbed. (You can throw this salt into a river, or a fire, or...

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