5 Tips for Surviving the Mercury Retrograde


The truth is in the stars my friends, what is happening above is also happening below; within us. When Mercury is in retrograde (slows down & appears to be going backwards), we tend to loose sense of our communication, awareness & our ability to adapt since this planet is so closely linked to these traits within us. It is as if we are simply 'regressing' rather than progressing. As it stands, the same goes for the rest of the planets and their alignments corresponding to the elements they reflect in us. Since we are made of stardust, we too are bound to feel these energy pulls and shifts in nature, but like fighting nature with nature, we too can use the magickal properties in our plants & herbs from nature to bring us back to our center and welcome a subtle shield or enhancement to the change, allowing for a much smoother or more powerful transition.

It is also known that the planets are closely tied to the zodiac signs and can greatly impact the way an individual with the corresponding zodiac sign can feel or act during a certain planetary alignment. With this knowledge & awareness you can learn to use it to your advantage or fall to resistance and let it take you on a wild ride.

MERCURY is closely corresponded with Gemini & Virgo. It works through matters of communication, transformation, awareness, intellect & versatility. It teaches us to speak the wisdom of our mind and to adapt to our surroundings. It inspires free thinking & materializing ideas or concepts into our reality. As a 'planet of the mind,' it reminds us of the importance of movement & progress.

When in Retrograde all these things can becomes lost or 'places on hold,' as we go through this transition in the sky. As things can seem to be shaken up in your life, it might be wise to better plan your affairs & write down your thoughts during your moments of clarity. So here are 5 important tips to help you get through & make the best of this three time per year event.

1.) Wake up & go to bed 1 hour earlier.

During the retrograde it is easy to find yourself loosing track of time, loosing items & even feel like you are loosing your mind.  Allow for extra rest at night & an extra hour in the morning for getting ready & transportation.

2.) Plan, Plan, Plan !

Communication during this time can be at a loss. Technology can fail, flights delayed & thoughts or ideas getting instantly lost in the overbearing chatter in your mind.  Try carrying a notepad with you to write down everything, times, schedules & even 'back up plans.'  In adding an extra hour in the morning to your day, you'll already be ahead of the game.

3.) Wait a few more weeks to commit.

Instead of signing a new lease, marriage contract or committing to a large purchase, wait until the Retrograde has passed.  Your clarity may not be filled with wisdom or what your spirit really wants & you may be fooled by an impulse desire or thought.

4.) Embrace the power of Crystals & Herbs!

Since we are made of nature, let's use the tools of nature to help find grounding & mental clarity during this time. Whether in the form of herbal teas, crystal grids, herbals incense, essential oil potions or resins, embrace what nature has to offer. During Mercury Retrograde, Frankincense & Mint bring great spiritual cleansing, exciting the spirit & stimulates energy to help awaken mind with clarity. Black Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz, Garnet & Onyx help to ground your sometimes 'chaotic' energy at this time.

5.) Reward yourself! Mind, Body & Spirit

Everything needs balance & during this 'uncomfortable' transition it's important to take a step back & truly analyze what changes you may need to make in your life for the better. Through the darkness we can find the light & learn to better appreciate it. Dedicate time to do what makes you happy, salt baths to detox the body, creative expression through music & arts for the soul & indulging in great reads to empower the mind.  If you try to overwork yourself during this time, you will greatly tip the scale to the 'negative' side, creating an emotional trip of unworthiness. So stay happy & grateful as much as you can & keep it up after the retrograde passes!

Brightest Blessings,

~ Jenna