12 Steps to Positivity


The power of positivity over negativity is some of the most powerful magick you can work. Incorporating it into your daily life however, isn't always so easy. We tend to grow up with a set mindset, which can be instilled by our parental influences or our own experiences, because negativity is easier to achieve than positivity, we tend to go the easy way out. However, I assure you, training yourself to be positive in every way is most definitely much more rewarding. So I have created a list of 12 things that you can start doing to jump start a life full of smiles, wealth, good health & abundance on every level.

1.) It's in your food
Consuming foods that are heavily treated or heavy in sugars, weighs us down and our bodies have a hard time processing it. By consuming these things daily, we not only allow ourselves to become unhealthy, but we are letting the 'weight' of these foods lead to stress or depression, causing our bitterness or negativity to things in life, thus making our connection to divine source weak & unclear.

How to change it?
Start eating fresh and organic foods as much as possible, leaving the processed foods behind. Drink more water and tea rather than coffee and soda, this will help keep your body well flushed and constantly detoxing all those bad things that make you feel depressed. What is life without your good health?

2.) Get up and Exercise!
Movement not only wakens the body and mind up, but your life force energy (chi) will have a positive flow throughout the day. You will think clearly, feel motivated and good about yourself. All these wonderful vibrations will help promote positivity. Many of the folks that have gotten sick and bitter in their old age focused on the negatives in life, because of their lack of healthy food choices and refusing to exercise. Don't let that become you!

How to change it?
All it takes is at least twenty minuets a day, if nothing else, to allow yourself a simple walk or yoga exercise. Inspire yourself by joining a gym or getting some workout clothes. Schedule a daily time that you can commit to and find the workout that is right for you. It is not necessarily about loosing weight, it is about becoming healthy, mind, body and spirit; if it is weight loss you are after, keep up with your routine paired with a healthy diet and it will soon follow.

3.) Gratitude Meditation
Make time to count your blessings.  We attract the things we put out into the universe, so by making time to give thanks for all the blessings we have achieved and acquired throughout our lives, we are setting the stage to receive more abundance. Meditation, like prayer, is time for us to become silent with ourselves, releasing the ego and all distractions, so that we may listen and be listened to. Make time at least three times a week to practice a twenty minute or more meditation of gratitude.

How do I start?
First off, you can be of any religion to meditate, it is a silent time for you to connect to the divine source and yourself ~ as the great Gandhi once said " God has no religion."
Begin sitting in a comfortable manner, cross-legged or not, in a quiet room where you do not expect interruption of any kind. You can use candles, incense or soft music to set the mood, as long as you are not distracted by it. It is as simple as closing your eyes and breathing fully through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, eyes closed and teeth un-clenched, with a slight smile on the lips, to help invite in positivity.  As you breathe in, say a blessing you'd like to give thanks for, keep it shorter than 2 words. On the out breath say 'thank you,' all internal dialogue. It can be complex or simple thoughts of gratitude, however keep the flow going on every inhale & exhale. Your mind will start to pull up so many things that you are greatful for, if you get stuck on a though just go back to 'Happiness" or "love" as a blessing until you have another blessing to list in your mind.  It's a great rythymn you will accquire, and it allows you mind to stay in thought through your heart. A beautiful vibration to be in. When you feel you have thought of everything you can think of for that day, you are finished. Slowly open you eyes and start your beautiful day.
Example: " In breath- " Working Car", Out breath- "thank you", In breath- " good health", Out breath- "thank you", In breath- " loving relationship", Out breath- "thank you", In breath- " happiness ", Out breath- "thank you", In breath- " cozy home ", Out breath- "thank you" ...   and so on

4.) Treat Yourself
You work hard, whether being a stay at home mom or the owning your own business. Make sure you allow yourself  to receive gifts, whether from another person or a gift to yourself. If you need a new outfit or a weekend getaway, don't hesitate. Trust in the abundance of the universe. Many people put limits on themselves, because they think if they treat themselves to a $20 item, they suddenly won't have the money to pay the bills.  That is fear talking, if you trust more than fear, money will always find its way back to you. Treating yourself at least once a week small or big, will help you accept abundance into your life, boost your confidence, and create more excitement. It is not about the material aspect, but more about your deserving and self-worth. I have met mothers who haven't bought any new clothes for themselves in over 4 years, because of the fear of not having the money to cover the bills. I see their lack of self-worth and fear eating away at their happiness and possible abundance. This is no way to live.

How can I treat myself?
I must say, it is not always about how much money you spend, it is about what your heart desires. For some, it may be a day alone at the beach or park to sketch or paint. For others it may be buying a new outfit or getting a nice haircut.  If you are still working through money fears, make a weekly budget for yourself. Whatever you set in that budget is your money to do with as you wish. Remember to trust that you will be provided for.

5.) Stay Positive
Through it all, we can definitely hit those obstacles, the best thing you can do is to stay positive.
Gossiping, drama, anger, jealousy, and all the negative energy levels only hold you back in life. They start to create these aspects in your life as well. These vibrations lead to sickness, poor health, bad luck and diseases, because again, what you put out, comes back to you.  This is where it becomes really important to train your brain. Many of us tend to judge others, even strangers on the street, out of habit, so what do i say to that? Break that habit.

How do I break the habit?
When you find your thoughts slipping into negativity, whether by judging another, the outcome of something, or a situation at hand, simply stop, and say to yourself, internally or out loud "Positive, Positive, Positive." The power of three, mind body and spirit. Remember this is a practice, that will help train yourself into positivity. It does not work overnight, as you are now undoing what you have spent years doing out of habit. I started randomly doing this one day, when I wanted to better my life, and you wouldn't believe the magickal power it holds. When I would find myself holding anger about something or slipping into gossip I would stop myself mid-sentence and say "positive, positive, positive." I got to the point within a month's time that my Fiancee and I would be driving in the car somewhere, and I would start stressing out about something in my mind, so out loud I would just say "Positive, Positive, Positive!" Of course, at first my Fiancee was confused, but soon after that, I had him doing it too. :)

6.) Treat others with respect
The truth is, you don't know what others have been through, or what kind of day they are having. Here is your chance to be the one to brighten it up for them. Be the light of love! It is generally good practice to treat others how you would like to be treated, yet time after time I see people being rude to another, then getting baffled when they are rude back. Honestly, they are attracting each-other due to their similar vibrations, however if this is you, you can change it. By being kind to others, you will only attract kind people.

How do I do this?
Smile at everyone you pass. You'll find that some people actually look confused by this and some may nod back or smile, some may not, but it is important to keep that positive outlook. Everyone that helps you at any store or restaurant, treat them with respect, they are working there so that you don't have to. Genuinely ask them how their day is going and let them know you appreciate their work. They are people just like you and you can be the one that puts a smile on their face. I have literally had people tell me, that i made their day. why? because I am human to them. I do not complain about my life problems to them or tell them how to do their job. I am simply kind & loving... out of habit. A quality I wish for everyone to practice daily.

7.) Find Your Niche
Get back into your hobbies and passions, do the things you love and make them work for you. Whether you develop it as a side business merging it into full-time or just keeping it as your passion hobby, it is important to keep it in your life. This is usually what excites your soul and makes you proud. For some, this may be working on vintage cars in their garage or painting landscapes on canvas. Whatever your crafty heart desires, don't let the mundane take it away.

How do I find my Niche?
What excites and drives you? Other than work or problems, what do you daydream of or talk about often? What are your talents, whether they seem odd or strange? How can you make it profitable, with still keeping it a passion above all and not letting it fall victim to the mundane? These are all questions you need to ask yourself. More than likely, it is what you are suppose to be doing with your life and fear is holding you back. If you find that special something you want to dedicate your beautiful life to, make it happen. Start working in that field, start building something, take some classes if you need, work towards it & keep moving forward. If you love what you do, it will seem as if you will never work a day in your life!

8.) Heal In Nature
So many of us forget what it is like to be in nature, without the smog, without the electronics, without the stresses and strife's. Nature soothes the soul, it stimulates the chakras and activates healing on all levels. It allows us to be with the living things that simply are. The plants that continuously grow, and the trees that bend in the wind, moving with the flow, never showing resistance. All lessons we need to learn and apply daily are featured and displayed in nature. We are surrounded so much by toxicity of our cities and electromagnetic smog, that being so simple in nature almost seems foreign to many of us now. Get back in touch with your spirit, treat nature like a church, where you can go to heal and allow love and light into your heart.

What should I do in Nature?
As it turns out, many nature reserves are at least no more than an hours drive from the city. So for those of you who do not already live in a predominately nature based area, take that drive and re-connect to your self. Leave the electronics behind and take a friend (for safety.) Allow your senses to awaken, listen to the birds, feel the breeze on your skin, see the sun light bringing growth and vitamins to all the plants and breathe. Remove your shoes and feel the dirt between your toes, get grounded and allow the energy of the earth to enter your whole body, either as you stand or walk, embrace every moment, feeling your heart opening to all healing energies of nature. Make picnic somewhere, take a book, relax.

9.) Surround Yourself with the Positive
There are things that can be toxic to the growth and expansion of our wisdom and divine light. By limiting your exposure to these things, your mind, health, creativity and abundance will broaden immensely.  The people, places or things that hold lower vibrations bring us down and do not help us achieve our highest good. Horror movies, heavy metal, drugs, alcohol, gossiping, negative people and anything else with a dark context will only further diminish your light. Yes, some of you may scoff at this, but I have to say, I was once that girl that loved the horror flicks and adorned my little studio apartment all year round with creepy reflections of All Hallow's Eve ... the more black the better, I thought. I also never had anything going right for me at that time in my life and constant complaints filled my head. Why was all this happening to me? Because I was hanging out in a low vibration, attracting lower vibrational people and situations into my life.

How you can surround yourself with Positive?
As hard as it may be, there are times in life that we need to release people from our lives, to better our selves. If you are a magnet for problems, take a look at what and who you surround yourself with. If you have an abusive relationship, why do you choose to stay? If sickness is constant in your life, do you complain more than give gratitude? If you are not succeeding at your goals, what is blocking you from reaching them? Being around the negative elements, invoke something deep within us, fear or doubt can become a constant underlying theme. The way we talk to ourselves, has a huge impact on what plays out in our reality. Saying things like "I'll never get out of this debt," or "oh you know, problem after problem," is never going to better your situation. If your friends pose a negative influence in your life, you have the choice to leave it behind, don't allow their negativity to bring you down, instead find the people and places that bring about a positive light to your life and promote the better you!

10.) Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
When you walk into a messy space, notice the tension it causes on your body and/or mind.  That irritable feeling or anxiety is overbearing towards your happiness and blocks your manifestations. There is a saying, "The state of your bed is the state of your head," and if your bed is not cleaned and organized neither is your head, making your manifestations unclear and scattered. How is that not the perfect excuse to keep everything clean and organized from now on? You may notice a pattern between the lack of abundance in poverty areas, which generally can hold a messy nature and neighborhoods that are clean and organized, which seem to hold a better grasp on achieving abundance. It is no coincidence.

Your surroundings matter:

Pick up after yourself daily, get organized and find a space for everything. If there is more than you have space for, chances are you don't need it anyway and it just creates clutter. Make your home as zen as possible, less is more. Your well-being is important and this includes the state of your mind. Dress nice and notice your self confidence improve as well outside your home. When all is clean and organized your focus is sharper and you will feel much calmer on a daily basis, allowing abundance to easily flow to you.

11.) Get to Bed!
Sleep is important, although when you are at peak health, with mind, body and spirit, you'll find that 5-6 hours of sleep is all you need to re-boot. Waking with the sun and sleeping by nightfall is a great practice, although it may be hard at first, again you must train yourself. Most Holy Men in other countries follow this practice, not to mention many of the animals that roam free in the wilderness. It is the natural cycle that encourages proper energy and awareness throughout the day. Forcing yourself to stay up until sunrise getting a lack of sleep nightly weakens your aura, allowing low vibrational energy in, causing negativity, over-eating and depression.

What if I have insomnia?
No excuses, there are so many things to help with this naturally. While proper diet, daily exercise and meditation will definitely help cure this insomnia. You can also read a book before going to bed or experiment with Binaural Beats for sleep (free on youtube). If your creativity seems to spike at night, spend an hour before bedtime by a calming candlelight, jotting down ideas that come to mind or per-scheduling the activities you need to take care of the next day, this will help you to release all these thoughts onto paper and remove them from your mind.  A healthy sleep schedule, makes for a healthy mind.

12.) Trust In The Universe
When you are positive at least 99.9% of the time, good things will happen to you in abundance. Of course in our human nature we will experience moments of stress, sorrow and grief, but it is important to always work towards the better you. The moment you give into the negativity that is in this world of duality, is the moment you will find yourself loosing things from your life; good health, happiness, adventure and even material possessions. Always hold hope and a positive outlook and when things seem as though they are starting to fall apart, become like a tree in the wind and go with the flow, as long as you trust in the end it will all be for the better, it will.

Keep in mind, many of these steps are life changes that will take time and determination. If you start 'training' yourself today, by picking up at least one new positive habit per week, and working consistently on it, you will find that within 12 weeks, your life will begin to change for the better & you will be on a never-ending 'streak of good luck!' Remember, only you can change your life. Happiness truly starts within, once you are rich in self-love, abundance in all ways will flow into your life.

Brightest Blessings of Love & Light to you,
~ Jenna