ZODIAC / ASTROLOGY PENDULUM MAT. Black Velvet With Numbers & Days. For Astrological Divination & Spiritual Insight.

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The history of pendulum divination can be traced back to over 5,000 years. The art of divination is simply the act of sourcing one's own divinity, higher frequency thoughts or subconscious mind, to bring forth answers, guidance or problem solving. When we seek answers from divination, we are allowing one's ego to take a back seat & journey forth with a clear mind to allow guidance to rise to the surface. Many of the answers we seek are answers we already have deep embedded within our soul or subconscious minds, but often our ego or lack of trust of our intuition can get in the way. By using a pendulum, you release your "control" and allow the electromagnetic pulses from your subconscious to travel down your arm, through your hand & out through the cord of the pendulum, creating it to sway to "the answer." This practice in more recent centuries has gotten a bad wrap, however, there is no need to fear, as everything that is coming out of this practice, is indeed coming from you. Channeling or calling upon spirit Guides or Angels can definitely enhance your divination practices, as they will help to raise your vibrations & "un-fog" your thoughts to bring upon greater mental clarity, stronger intuitive guidance, protection & trust. It is always a good practice before any spell-work to take a moment to perform some Divination & make sure that the work you are about to perform is in good faith & not in haste. Pendulum's Divination can offer great wisdom & insight into our lives, as we often seek so much guidance on a daily basis, using a pendulum & mat can greatly offer so much more clarity for one's sacred journey.

Black is the combination of all colors, it absorbs natural energies & can be used to help one travel deeper into the subconscious mind or spirit world. It is often used as a shield for protection, as if one was "cloaking" themselves from harm on the physical or spiritual planes. 

This beautiful black velvet , white embroidered pendulum mat includes the all the Zodiacs, Days of the week, numbers 0- 9 & a "Yes, No, Maybe, Rephrase" section. It is created in a simple square shape mat, measuring 12" x 12". This magickal Divination tool comes ready to use for any of your rituals or spell-crafting.

Brightest Of Blessings,
~ Jenna

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