ROSEWOOD CRYSTAL WAND with Clear Quartz Point & Garnet Energy Amplifier on Twisted Wood with Inlaid Silver. For Witch Spell Casting & Energy Healing.

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Throughout history a wand or staff was a representation of one's power, as a wand is a tool that can be used to cast out the power that one can generate from within. When a wand is mixed with the elements of earth, such as crystals & / or wood, it tends to help ground the user to their spiritual roots, aiding them to dig deeper into their soul & create a more abundant energy flow, as they become a channel from the whole earth's energy, rather than just their own. While channeling this energy & filtering it with one's own intentions, one is able to manifest their own wishes more rapidly, as they are in a sense, "being backed," by universal energy. Wands help us to better focus & direct our energy. If one lights a candle to promote fertility & abundance in the life, then by using a wand they can better channel & focus on their intent, because enchanted tools help us on a physical level. Spiraling the point of the wand around the candle, while holding the intention, generates a stronger will for this goal, all other distracting thoughts can clear away, as one's physical eyes hold their gaze on the work before them, the spiritual eyes begin to open, as to better "see" what it is they are truly reaching for. In Reiki Healing or Energy Clearing, wands have also become a staple, working to extend the practitioners power outward & greatly enhanced, offering universal healing & bringing in a stable energy of love.  

Clear Quartz is known as the master generator & enhances any other stones qualities. It clears the aura of negativity & dispels any distractions that keep the user from their highest good, as it works to open up the crown chakra & heal all other chakras. When mixed with Garnet, it stimulates the Root Chakra tenfold, welcoming renewed passion & overall drive to create one's own perfect reality.  

In magick Rosewood is known for creating a healthy balance between the spiritual & physical. With this new balance between your body, mind & spirit, new beginnings can begin to blossom, regenerating spiritual growth, overall well- being, heart felt compassion, healing & inner beauty .

This beautiful twisted Rosewood wand is approximately 8" long. The wand comes with a faceted quartz point at one end and a silver crown that holds a quartz sphere at the other end. There are garnet cabs set into the silver at either end of the wand. A silver wire is woven into the twist of the wand, helping to draw your energy down, gaining momentum & thus a little more power to your intentions. Each wand comes in a hemp rope- wrapped, white gift box, on a bed of green moss & informative hang-tag.

Brightest Blessings,
~ Jenna
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