'VISIONS' POWDER INCENSE.  For Divination & Psychic Clarity.
'VISIONS' POWDER INCENSE.  For Divination & Psychic Clarity.

'VISIONS' POWDER INCENSE. For Divination & Psychic Clarity.

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Artisan blend of all natural herbs, resins & oils turned into powder form, charged by Amethyst stone to heighten the magic. With it's dark, earthy and spicy Dragon's Blood scent. This blend was created to help heal, awaken and activate the Third Eye (6th chakra) to better promote intuitive wisdom, insight and mental clarity for the user.

When combined with the use of divination or clairvoyance work, it stimulates the soul to bring forth clearer visions that are stored away in our subconsciousness or blocked from our ego. Using 'Visions' Powder incense during spell castings, rituals or deep meditations will help you to focus and concentrate your energy, creating stronger magick with bigger intent. A great incense for ritual & circle castings.

In each magickal glass apothecary corked bottle is 1.25 oz of powder & blessed by Amethyst crystal, to help keep the purification and protective energies strong! 

There are several ways to use this powder incense, traditionally it can be burned over hot charcoals, letting the smoke help to create a sacred space, offering or divination tool. You can run a stone like Amethyst through the smoke to clear it and consecrate it with psychic and intuitive energy. The powder can be tossed into an open flame during a ritual or spell casting. You can dress a candle in the powder for clairvoyant energy, during whatever work you may be doing. A potpourri warmer with some of the powder and water, diffuse the scent and properties quite nice. Lastly, you can create a mixture using this powder to custom make your own all natural cone incense. A little goes a long way!

Here's to your new found clairvoyance,
~ Jenna

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* Store in cool, dry place, keep out of direct sunlight- seal tightly.*
Not meant for consumption.

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