ST. JOHN'S WORT Dried Herb (SMALL) Hypericum Perforatum. For Protection, Depression & Banishment.

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Botanical Name: Hypericum Perforatum
Magickal uses: banishing, preventing sickness, blocking the dark arts, protection spells & negativity, courage, Litha, happiness, divination.
CHAKRAS : 3rd- Solar Plexus Chakra, 4th- Heart Chakra
Magickal Tip: Sprinkle St. John's Wort by your mirrors to repel a negative self image.
Holistic & Medicinal: As a tea or pill, it can aid in depression, loss of apatite, anxiety & helps to balance mood swings from PMS & Menopause. If made into an Antibacterial tincture, St. John's Wort applied to a cotton ball, may help with inflammation from Eczema, hemorrhoids & offer relief from burns.
How to use it: Commonly used in capsule form or as a hot tea.

All natural dried herb - St. John's Wort for magic and herbal practices.
Comes in a .45 oz (3x3) Decorative Ziploc (Small) 
charged with the energy of Clear Quartz Crystal to enhance the natural properties.
~ Jenna
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This information is not to be used as a diagnosis or cure. Please seek medical attention & guidance from a professional. B e sure to learn all you can and check with your doctor before taking it. Herbal supplements can interact with other medicines you may be taking and could have negative side effects.