RED RITUAL SALT. Root. Blessed with Red Tiger's Eye & Red Sandalwood on a Full Moon
RED RITUAL SALT. Root. Blessed with Red Tiger's Eye & Red Sandalwood on a Full Moon

RED RITUAL SALT. Root. Blessed with Red Tiger's Eye & Red Sandalwood on a Full Moon

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Handmade Colored Ritual Salts work with the enchantment of color vibration & the purification properties of salts. Blessed with reiki energy, associated crystals & Red Sandalwood, this salt can be used in large or small amounts to enhance the magick you cast into the universe. Made under the healing energy of the Full Moon, salts work to shed any and all negative energy, offering protection & enhancing manifestation power.

Red salt can be used for grounding your energy & raising your vibrations for passion, whether in a sexual nature or to inspire a drive within. Red salt can offer stability to your mind & activate a balanced flow in your energy, by aligning all the chakras, starting with the root. You can use Red salt by sprinkling it around your bedroom to generate passion or seduction or to heal past trauma's through the subconscious while you sleep. You can also dress a candle with the salt to welcome a grounding energy into your space. Vibrationally, Red inspires a the activation of the Kundalini energy that lies dormant at the base of your spine, once activated, this energy promotes movement, reflective of dancing Shiva, movement brings us closer to our goals & manifestations. Salt in general holds very powerful properties as it is the one of the most purest substances we have on earth, helping us as a powerful tool in consecration, cleansing & purification.

This lovely little non-glass apothecary bottle holds 1.25oz of crystal blessed colored ritual salt. It is adorned with a beautiful silver Triquetra charm, representing mind, body & spirit (amongst many other spiritual meanings.)

Ways to use your Ritual Salts:

*Roll a candle of associated color in the salt for purification & color magick.

* Lay down small amounts of associated color to crystals that need to be cleansed & re-charged of their energies.

* Pour small amounts over each chakra on the body while lying down in a meditation, for chakra clearing & color vibrational therapy.

* Add a small amount of associated colored ritual salts to water (or bath water), to bless & charge the water before spellcasting or rituals, then use to sprinkle around a sacred space for purification or cleanse ritual items & tools.

*Because salt absorbs negative energy it should only be used once. Change it out or sweep it up weekly or when the air begins to feel oppressive or un-pure. Consider where the negativity will go when discarding the salt.
-Ground it in the earth by burying it in a hidden distant place from your living or working space
-Cast in the wind in a distant place blowing away from your home-work.
-Throw into a fire along with paper where you have written all your worries and whatever else you want to be rid off.
- Cast into running water. This will disperse the energies and cleanse them. (Rivers, creeks, lakes, and oceans.)

Magickal Blessings,
~ Jenna

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