RAINBOW MOONSTONE CRYSTAL PENDULUM with Silver Chain, Quartz Lob, Triquetra Charm. For Feminine energies & Lunar Cycles

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Moonstone is the female version of Labradorite and It carries high feminine gentle energies, drawing the healing powers of our moon and placing courage and inner strength to your heart. Moonstone connects harmoniously to your Third Eye and Crown Chakra, helping you to open yourself to your spirit guides and divine calling. It is most powerful to work with under a full moon, at which point you will find that it will re-charge this beautiful stone, giving off a powerful opalescent glow. It works to balance our emotions, like subtle ripples on a calming lake. Each stone carries the loving energies from the full moon & the balance of the Lunar Phases. Carry this stone in your energy field, place it by your bed or use it in your healing practices; whatever you may choose to do with it, allow the embrace of Moonstone to strengthen your inner-light & awaken your Feminine spirit!
This beautiful natural Rainbow Moonstone Pendulum has 6 faceted sides and measures approx. 1" - 1.25". It has a precious little Clear Quartz bead Lob at the end of the 6.5" silver chain with matching Triquetra Charm (Symbol of Body, Mind & Spirit). Each special pendulum is blessed & cleansed by myself & kissed by my angels. This magickal Divination tool comes in gift box with information card on a bed of beautiful green moss.

* Please note that size, shape & coloring of each stone may vary, as this is a natural gift from Mother Earth. Each pendulum chooses it's new home :)

Pendulum Mats available in my shop!

Brightest Of Blessings,
~ Jenna

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