PURGO Powder Incense All Natural. Blessed by Onyx & Clear Quartz Crystals. For Purification & Smudging.

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PURGO : to clean, cleanse, purify / clear away, wash off / justify.  

'PURGO' is a Strong, earthy, fresh & penetrating scent, made from my artisan blend of White Sage, Eucalyptus, Frankincense resin and St. John's Wort . Charged with Clear Quartz and Onyx, this mix will definitely clear energy in any sacred space, filling it with pure Love & Light. I created this blend to help with purification on all levels, spiritually or mentally. The smoke of these magickal plants work together to cling to the negative vibrations and transform them back into a neutral state, while the frankincense raises the spiritual frequencies to allow for healing and enlightenment. The Clear Quartz and Onyx stones I infuse with this blend, not only help to remove low vibrations, but electromagnetic smog as well, caused by electronics and the like. A highly useful tool to always have handy in your apothecary collection, as it works wonders for consecrations or lifting general bad moods.

Since I have used an abundance of purification herbs and resins for this blend, it can bring clarity, wisdom, protection and spiritual healing to the user, as it lifts negative emotions and strengthens the aura, creating a wall against anything that means harm, even if it is your own fear holding you back. I encourage you to use this mix to purify and consecrate your crystals and tools before your magickal workings.

In each magickal glass apothecary bottle is 1.25 oz of powder & a chip stone of Clear Quartz and Onyx, to help keep the purification and protective energies strong! An all natural blend of Herbs, Resins, Essential Oils & Crystals.

There are several ways to use this all natural powder incense, traditionally it can be burned over hot charcoals, letting the smoke help to create a sacred space, offering or divination tool. Your can run a stone like Clear Quartz through the smoke to clear it and consecrate it with powerful purity and protective energy. The powder can be tossed into an open flame during a ritual or spell casting. You can dress a candle in the powder for calming energy, during whatever work you may be doing. A potpourri warmer with some of the powder and water, diffuse the scent and properties quite nice. Lastly, you can create a mixture using the Purgo powder to custom make your own all natural cone incense. A little goes a long way!

Here's to a spiritually cleansed new you,
~ Jenna

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* Store in cool, dry place, keep out of direct sunlight- seal tightly.*
Not meant for consumption.

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