PATHWAYS VOTIVE CANDLE. For Opening New Doorways & Abundant Opportunity.

PATHWAYS VOTIVE CANDLE. For Opening New Doorways & Abundant Opportunity.

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To live the best life possible, it's crucial to understand that anything is possible, any doorway can open for you at any minute, any pathway can lead you to your goals, you just need to trust the journey. Life leads on many adventures, not all of them always joyous, but it is what you take from each experience that holds significance. Know that you are in control at all times, any & all pathways can become available if you choose to open yourself to them. This is what inspired this inspiring candle. A candle for opening new doorways in life to a flow of abundant opportunities. Blessed with the scents and energies of Olive, Lemongrass & Peridot gemstone, this little candle offers vibrant vibes of possibility. Lemongrass enlightens & cleanses the spirit, Olive brings harmony & trust, while Peridot welcomes in prosperity by opening the heart chakra! 

You can use this 2oz. Votive candle for spells, rituals, meditations or just the aromatherapy that it offers. This Votive is made up of Resins, essential oil, fragrance oils & charged with a crystal chip gemstone. The magickal aura around each votive is powerful on its own, creating a shift in energy of any room it is left in. If placed in a glass or tin votive holder this candle will burn for about 15 hours or about 5 hours if burned as is.  Made with organic Wax.

In Love & Light,
~ Jenna
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*Buyers: Store in cool dry place, keep from heat or direct sunlight. Never leave a lit candle unattended or near flammable items such as curtains. Always think of safety when using open flame* 

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