PASSION SPIRIT BAG. Blessed Mojo Medicine Bag For Drive, Sensuality & Empowerment.
PASSION SPIRIT BAG. Blessed Mojo Medicine Bag For Drive, Sensuality & Empowerment.

PASSION SPIRIT BAG. Blessed Mojo Medicine Bag For Drive, Sensuality & Empowerment.

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For centuries, Medicine Men, Shamans and Witches have been offering herbal remedies in sachets to be carried to offer the wearer spiritual or physical protection, through the combination of specific herbs, resins, oils, crystals and sometimes found animal talismans.  Associated herbs offer different properties to our aura and well-being, helping to promote anything from fertility to curing depression.  It is up to the user to value these herbal spirit bags with great respect, knowing that they are serving as a tool to their advancement and happiness, spiritually or physically.  Spirit Bags or Mojo Bags can be carried on the person, left in a frequented space, or even in a car to bring about safety & other corresponding energies.    

A handcrafted Spirit Bag, smudged by the purity of White Sage & made up of several different herbs, resins, salt, crystals & essential oil, all which carry the highest vibrations to help welcome in empowerment, drive & passion. Offering abundant blessings from all directions, this spirit bag is tied closed by 3 knots, symbolizing Body, Mind & Spirit. Each Spirit Bag, you will notice to develop a "personality" of it's own, with the highest vibrational spirits and angels bringing it to life and creating a magickal conducter of prosperity, attracting good luck each and every time it is carried by it's owner. Once you dedicate this spirit bag for your personal use, it is important to be the only one to possess it. The handling of others may take away some of the magick and personal energy you have put into it. This naturally scented, Dark floral Passion Spirit bag is good for healing the aura, opening the root chakra, attracting stability, inspiration, survival instincts & a determined heart & mind to the spirit. You can place this spirit bag in your sacred space, hang it in your bedroom or in a creative workspace to welcome in passionate energy.  It is up to you, simply start giving gratitude for each blessing of passion & drive, big or small, that comes your way! Each 2oz. Spirit Bag comes in a matching organza bag, including a small prayer, a Triquetra charm that acts as a talisman, drawing in the energies of all earthly elements & spirit, through the sacred three, ( body, mind & spirit ) with a bell by it's side to call upon the angels and spirits of Love & Light. Red on it's own is a color for manifesting kundalini passionate energy, as it is a color of the root chakra, absorbing only stable & grounded energies, building a powerful tool for passion. Use this Passion Spirit bag, in your highest good.

May Passion always find you,

~ Jenna 

*Contents not meant for consumption - All Sales Final.

Ingredients: Salt, Tuberose Oil, Garnet Crystal, Rose Buds, Rosemary, Orange, Lavender, Ginger, Frankincense. 

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