LUNA MOON CAT NECKLACE. Sterling Silver Talisman for Goddess Magick & Witchcraft Phases.

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This enchanted necklace is meant to be worn to honor the phases of the moon & connect with the mystical spirit of the Cat & all the hidden knowledge that resides within. For ages the Cat has been long associated with mysticism & magick, often viewed as the animal that carries all the secrets of the universe, the Cat is a powerful reminder of how we can drift between this world & the spirit world, by just being aware. Some may catch a glimpse of a cat staring at the Moon, aware of it's healing light & the illumination it offers in the dark. Like us, the moon goes through phases, but always comes back around in the end, full in a radiant glow. Connect to the spirit of the Cat & the phases of Mother moon to enrich your own magick & mysticism!  

This precious .925 Sterling Silver Pendant of a Cat sitting on a cresent moon, features a two-tone silver & gold plated design. The pendant is dual sided & measures approximately 2cm in length on a 16" sterling silver chain, resting perfectly near the top of the collar bone, catching a glimpse of light in any direction you face. It comes in a keepsake box on an old book page, ready to gift to a loved one or yourself.

Brightest Blessings on your Moonlit Path,
~ Jenna
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