LAVENDER SACHET Dream Pillow. Blessed with Clear Quartz Crystal For Holistic Sleep Remedy, Calming Stress & Anxiety Relief.

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This beautiful decorative Sachet holds such a peaceful energy. Fully filled with the beautiful natural aroma of Lavender & blessed by the energy of Clear Quartz crystal, this precious Lavender Dream Pillow can help aid your dreams, stress, meditations or even just naturally scent your closets & drawers. Lavender Pillows have been used for decades, as Lavender holds such powerful properties for calming the nerves, aiding those with high anxiety or stress & awakening the third eye, which can be very beneficial in dream work or divination practices. It's natural aroma promotes healing for inner-peace & true beauty that spans from the heart. Safe for children, many mother's during the Victorian era would make Lavender wands to hang near a babies crib, to help keep the child from fussing or crying through the night. Others would leave lavender sachets in cabinets to fill the space of the home with a fresh waft of Lavender when a cabinet was open, not to mention a beautiful & magickal energy.

This medium sized cotton drawstring sachet is embroidered with the design of beautiful lavender flowers & fully filled with almost an ounce of crystal blessed Lavender Buds & lots of love! Comes in a delicate ivory organza bag with removable hangtag offering a short description. All together this enchanting Lavender Pillow makes for a beautiful gift or decoration, aside from it's very practical purpose.

Try sleeping with this lovely sachet near your bed pillow & take witness to the enchanting dreams that can take place.
Many of Blessings,
~ Jenna
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