INDIGO / PURPLE CRYSTAL GAZING BALL. For Fortune Telling, Divination & Seance 80mm
INDIGO / PURPLE CRYSTAL GAZING BALL. For Fortune Telling, Divination & Seance 80mm

INDIGO / PURPLE CRYSTAL GAZING BALL. For Fortune Telling, Divination & Seance 80mm

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 The art of Gazing or Scrying is sacred and old. Often practitioners of divination, fortune telling & foreseers of the future, would gaze upon a glass crystal ball or dark reflective surfaces, such as the dark water of a well, or smoothed piece of Obsidian, this craft became known as 'gazing,' and is the act of meditation through a soft gaze, allowing thoughts and distractions to subside & the subconscious to become strong & clear.  It is long believe that mirrors are a direct portal to the spirit world, allowing loved ones, angels & spirits to come through to deliver messages, warnings & spiritual gifts to the practitioner. During the Victorian era it was widely believed that the spirit of a loved one who had passed could get trapped in house mirrors, so at the time of death, families would drape black fabric over all the mirrors, to keep the spirit from getting confused, and proceed their journey to Heaven.  Witch's, Shaman & the like, tend to cover or wrap their scrying mirrors or crystal ball in black fabric when not in use to keep the 'portal' closed. The art of scrying should not be taken lightly, nor should it be feared. It is a power that all possess, but it is a skill that takes practice. By surrounding one's self with protection before Divination practices, one creates a boundary of what kind of spirits will come through.  By silencing the mind and allowing the spirit world to interact through the subconscious, messages, images & words can clearly present themselves. This practice helps to intensify Seances, when calling the spirits during the time of Samhain, when the veil between the worlds is at it's thinnest. 

The color Purple or Indigo can be used for growing your spiritual wisdom, strengthening your insight, enhancing divination practices & helping focus during meditation. Using the color Purple or Indigo around your meditation or divination space, can vibrationally enhance your clairvoyant & third eye energies. Purple/ Indigo promotes a desire to dig deeper into the soul & gain a stronger connection to one's higher self, through the Third Eye chakra. Through this one can find meditation or divination sessions more intense & insightful. Vibrationally, Purple inspires psychic awareness & subconscious thought to surface, whether in dreams or in the physical. 

Perfect for any Witch or Magickal Practitioner, This enchanted 95mm large crystal gazing ball measures appox 5" across & comes with a wooden pedestal base, measuring a bit over 3", ready for use. It will arrive in a box protected with Styrofoam walls, easy to wrap as a gift for a love one. This gazing ball is made of glass with 10% Quartz Crystal, to enhance psychic vibrations.  


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