HEMATITE 'SPECULAR' CRYSTAL SLAB. Specularite Palm Stone. For Grounding & Stability.
HEMATITE 'SPECULAR' CRYSTAL SLAB. Specularite Palm Stone. For Grounding & Stability.
HEMATITE 'SPECULAR' CRYSTAL SLAB. Specularite Palm Stone. For Grounding & Stability.

HEMATITE 'SPECULAR' CRYSTAL SLAB. Specularite Palm Stone. For Grounding & Stability.

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Specular Hematite includes Mica, when polishes it gives off a beautiful sparkle, closely resembling the night sky. Hematite blended with natural occurring Mica, is also known as Specularite. This stone ties your consciousness to the cosmos, bringing awareness to something greater, mixed with the strong essence of Hematite, a naturally grounding stone, this slab works to bring a subtle balance to the 'as above, so below,' complex.  Overall Hematite rules, & these traits can reflect greatly in the user, offering a protective shield to the user, building emotional stability, courage, strength, a deeper connection to earth, aiding in intense grounding & welcoming a heightened energy of mental clarity, especially during troubled times. Hematite is a powerful stone to use after an intense mediation, ceremony or ritual, to help bring the user "back down to earth," rather than being left with a vibrational high, which may later impact the quality of physical work & thoughts. A vibrational high, is like being drunk off the universe, making one drift in & out of physical consciousness & able to focus on the matter at hand. When one is awakening, this "spacey mind," can often become a problem or danger, Hematite helps to ground one's energy, bringing their vibrational thoughts back to a balanced state here on the physical realm. This grounding energy helps in the ability to focus & generate a tremendous willpower to achieve great things. Hematite utilizes the magnetic qualities of our yin-yang energies to balance the meridians within the body and to provide a stable equilibrium between the ethereal nervous system and the physical nervous system. It focuses energy and emotions for balance between the body, mind and spirit. It recycles energies, throwing out negative energies & only transmitting the positive ones, especially energies from others, making it an enchanting stone for Empaths.

ZODIAC: Aquarius & Aries
ELEMENT: Fire & Earth
HOLISTIC: Helps with leg cramps, kidney issues & blood supply to the body. 

Each large stone measures approx.1.5"- 2" wide by 3"- 3.5" long and each special slab chooses its new home, as you will receive 1 (ONE) piece per order. Please note that these natural formations vary is shape & size. Each stone comes with a beautiful ivory organza bag & information card. Before use of your new crystals, it is always a good idea to consecrate each stone for it's intended purpose. You can do so, by smudging (with sage) each stone to clear any energies it has absorbed and putting your intention forth on each stone, resetting & programming it for how it will help you.

Blessings of Love & Light,
~ Jenna

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Shapes, sizes & color will vary, as this is a natural gift from Mother Earth.

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