GOLDEN AMBER PERFUME. For Healing, Grounding & Wisdom.
GOLDEN AMBER PERFUME. For Healing, Grounding & Wisdom.
GOLDEN AMBER PERFUME. For Healing, Grounding & Wisdom.

GOLDEN AMBER PERFUME. For Healing, Grounding & Wisdom.

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Amber promotes healing, soul growth, ancient wisdom, grounding & courage. Deriving from the resins of various trees, it works to re-root our sacred energy so that we can stay 'better connected' to Source. Holistically it is know to enhance relaxation, promote anti-aging effects, it can help clear the mind to better balance moods & eliminate fears. Spiritually, Amber is tied to healing the heart, it helps to ground the Spirit & tie the soul to nature's sacred roots. It reminds us the power of our inner wisdom & magic.

Lapis Lazuli works to enhance your spiritual awakening & divine connection to Source. It promotes self confidence, inner truth & manifestation, as it works with the Throat Chakra to bring about one's true artistic or business talents. It creates a positive belief system in magick & personal power, encouraging clarity to one's life purpose. Self honesty becomes a foundation for all decisions and whatever path one may be drawn to walk. Lapis Lazuli stabilizes one's emotions & creates a bond to the element of water, helping one to 'go with the flow,' staying level headed & strong throughout all changes in life.

Healing starts from belief in the heart & mind, that you can get better. If wishing healing on another, they must first be open to receiving the healing energy. We all have the power to heal ourselves & others, this is instinctually displayed when a child or person is wounded and we place our hands over an injury, as if something inside us knows we have the ability to heal. Balanced emotions help enhance healing energies, as we release stress we can better focus on what our bodies are telling us it needs, as well as, what it is getting to much of. Everything is a balance, find yours & let the healing begin! 

Each Potion bottle comes with gold decorative embellishments, a black tassel and a glass wand applicator. The 10ml bottle resides in a beautiful silk lined, black velvet latch box, with a subtle embossed 'Eye of Horus' symbol on the top & information card. A chip stone of Lapis Lazuli is placed into each potion bottle to keep the magickal workings strong. This thick resin, perfume paste, can hold a slight stickiness to it, a little goes a long way!

All natural Amber Resin Paste, can be applied as perfume to the pulse points, anointed to a candle or burned over a hot charcoal, to emit it's earthy fragrance as incense. 

Blessings of wisdom & health,
~ Jenna

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Not Meant for consumption.
Keep out of heat and direct sunlight.

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