MOON GODDESS LANTERN. Metal & Purple Glass Hanging Candleholder. Metaphysical Garden Decor.

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The Goddess energy is sacred & a symbol of united energy flow to awaken one's full potential in self love, compassion for others, healing energy & so much more. Reconnect to your soul & hear the music in nature & the beauty in all life. Become charmed, & see the world through magickal eyes, seeing beyond what most see & appreciating everything for what it is. Through this one can awaken their inner true beauty, because they vibrate at an energy of love, welcoming life in all forms. Awakening wisdom dwelling deep within the soul welcoming in abundance & prosperity. Aligning to the sacred energies, flow & phases of the moon, the same that live within us.

This Gorgeous lantern can dwell within your garden or any sacred space, serving as not only a precious decoration, but a special reminder of the beauty that resides in the world. The Purple patterned embossed glass panels showcase the striking image of the empowered Moon Goddess featured on this lovely lantern. The lantern's frame has an antique pewter finish and the exterior side panels feature a spiral and diamond cutout design. This enchanting lantern will add a touch of grace and elegance to any home or garden. Tealight candles (real or electric) are easy to place in the interior candle tray. This lantern can inspire the magick within you!

11" in length, with front hinged door panel & metal ring for easy hanging.

*Candles not included.

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May Goddess energy enchant your sacred space,
~ Jenna

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