EROTIC MYSTIC All Natural Alchemy Oil 1/5oz. For Passion, Seduction & Kundalini
EROTIC MYSTIC All Natural Alchemy Oil 1/5oz. For Passion, Seduction & Kundalini

EROTIC MYSTIC All Natural Alchemy Oil 1/5oz. For Passion, Seduction & Kundalini

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This deep & dark sensuous blend is charged with Red Garnet. A stone that carries wonderful and powerful energy, not only does it work with the ROOT CHAKRA to help stimulate security, grounding, sexuality, kundalini energy, stability & livelihood, but it also offers many metaphysical properties as well. Garnet is the stone of passion and courage. Stimulates devotion to your family, your friends, yourself, and your purpose or goals . It stimulate the senses, and increase your vitality and stamina. it is very good for career success, encouraging business relationships by increasing your popularity and stimulating other peoples desire to work with you, especially for women. Garnet helps one to become motivated and productive, and attracts good luck in business ventures.

Tuberose essential oil on it's own is one of the most precious oils in the world and is renouned for its' mesmerizing aroma and fragrance. The pleasant fragrance and some components of this oil have relaxing effects on the brain, nerves and the muscles. It calms down and gives relief from stress, tension, anxiety, depression, anger, nervous afflictions, convulsions, cramps, and spasmodic coughs etc. It can increase blood circulation in the body thereby inducing a warming effect. Known by its romantic and sensual names “Night Queen” and “Mistress of the Night”, Tuberose essential oil behaves as an aphrodisiac and its very strong, intense and intoxicating floral fragrance fills the air and creates an atmosphere of love. Tuberose oil is found to be very effective in treating frigidity and lack of libido etc. Frankincense serves as a protector, and will not let one go where they are not ready to go. It holds some of the wisdom of ages and of the universe and will remove all of the malevolent energies attached to a person, allowing one to open to enlightenment and inspire one to connect with an elevating spiritual self. Jasmine essential oil is useful for sexuality and is known to attract a spiritual (as opposed to a physical) love; while Patchouli has been often used in magick for the strong manifestation, protective & sexual powers it holds.

Meditating while wearing this potion is very stimulating. It helps to draw in earthly energies and promotes visions of future business ventures, while driving passion back into your soul. Your life force energy will radiate with motivation to conquer any desire big or small. The feminine energy within will show itself full force, pushing aside fears and allowing your ego to take a back seat, while your heart creates the pathway for you to follow.

This wonderful alchemy oil comes in a 1/5 oz. glass potion bottle with gold leaf stamping and a beautiful gold cap with red jewel on top. Applicator wand inside. The all natural essential oil blend is lightly diluted with natural Sweet Almond Oil, and is ready to wear as a body oil or use in a magickal bath or aroma lamp. A blessed crystal chip stone of Red Garnet is left in each bottle to keep the magickal workings strong. Each bottle comes in a beautiful gold decorative gift box on spanish moss nesting.
"The best way to practice Red, or sex, magic is to use the power that contains
in your physical body, this is the power of raw, primordial desire.Become aware of this part of you, listen to it, cultivate it and you'll be able to manipulate it sooner or later. Listen to your body and it's wisdom that is thousands years old: the wisdom of your intuition." - Anya Deva

May the magick of passion & lust awaken the divine goddess within *
In Love & Light,
~ Jenna

Best time to use this oil:
On a Tuesday under a New- Full Moon. Tuesday is ruled by Mars, contributing to Energy, Passion, Sexuality & aggression. This magickal body oil blend can be worn on the pulse points (wrists, neck etc.) You can also add a few drops to a bath or burn some in an aroma lamp or potpourri warmer to create a stimulating environment.

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