DRIED ORANGE PEEL SLICES. For Abundance, Renewal & Decor
DRIED ORANGE PEEL SLICES. For Abundance, Renewal & Decor

DRIED ORANGE PEEL SLICES. For Abundance, Renewal & Decor

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Orange has a zesty citrus scent, which brings in a freshness and renewal type energy to your space. It works by cleaning and clearing the aura into a higher vibrational level, and attributing to the bright energy left on your heart. Working with the magic of Orange lifts the spirit & radiates positivity, making any manifestation practices or spell casting stronger & more efficient, welcoming vitality to the soul. Citrus scents are powerful generators to cleanse energies & recharge the spirit for Late Summer Rituals & Meditations.
Botanical Name: Citrus Aurantium
Element Correspondences: Fire
Planetary Correspondences: Sun
Magickal Uses: Energy, Cleansing, Happiness, Sun Magick, Full Moon Magick, Raise Vibration, Renewal, Raising Vibration, Manifestation, Uplifting, Relieve Depression, Soothing Anxiety, Safety or Protection, Life
Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius.
Chakras:   2nd - Sacral Chakra, 3rd - Solar Plexus Chakra
Magickal Tip: String a festive garland of Orange Slices & Pine over a Hearth during Winter to bring an abundant & bright energy to the home.
Holistic Uses:  Overall boosts the immune system to help naturally fight of sickness, disease & viruses.

Each organza sachet contains 10 whole slices of All Natural Orange Peel, ranging in size from 2 -3". Store in cool dry place when not in use. There are several uses for dried botanical Orange slices, including creating a summer or Yule Seasonal Garland, adding it to an altar, oil blend or making herbal sachets or potpourris & so much more! These dried Orange slices are meant for decoration purposes only.

Magickal Blessings,
~ Jenna

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