DIVITIAE Powder Incense. All Natural. Blessed with Emerald for Money Attraction & Business Growth.

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DIVITIAE: To obtain Riches or Wealth

'DIVITIAE' is my artisan blend of all natural herbs, resins & essential oils turned into a fine powder & charged by Emerald stone to heighten the magick. With it's sharp pine scent in combination with Bayberry, Peppermint, Cinnamon & Myrrh, Divitiae was created to help open a doorway to financial abundance, positive business flow, wealth attraction & abundance.  It is a great tool for those starting new business ventures, wanting to increase money flow into their life or just want to stir up new prosperous energies in the home or place of work. 

In each magickal glass apothecary bottle is 1.25oz of powder & a chip stone of Emerald, to help keep the energy and vibrations strong!

There are several ways to use this all natural powder incense, traditionally it can be burned over hot charcoals, letting the smoke help to create a sacred space, offering or divination tool. Your can run a stone like Cirtine through the smoke to clear it and consecrate it with energies of wealth & abundance. The powder can be tossed into an open flame during a ritual or spell casting. You can dress a candle in the powder for money attraction energy or add it to a potpourri warmer with some water, to diffuse the scent and enchanted properties. Lastly, you can create a mixture using Divitiae powder to custom make your own all natural cone incense. A little goes a very long way!

Brightest Blessings,
~ Jenna

Charcoal & accessories available in my shop!
* Store in cool, dry place, keep out of direct sunlight- seal tightly.*
Not meant for consumption 

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