BRASS BRANCHES SPHERE STAND / BASE. Large Gold Metal Woodland Crystal Sphere Tripod Holder. 50mm - 100mm

White Witch Parlour


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An attractive way to display your crystal spheres among your sacred space or Altar!
This heavy duty brass, gold plated metal woodland pedestal measures approx 3.5" across & 4" high. It holds any crystal sphere or decorative egg, size 55mm - 100mm. Three beautifully carved branches / antlers hold up your adornments with antique flair.

Due to it's strength & durability, this stand has multi-purpose uses, such as a candle holder, abalone shell holder, large bottle pedestal, plates, found animal skulls & other decorative items.

* Crystal Sphere in photo not included *

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Blessings of Love & Light,
~ Jenna

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