BLACK SOAPSTONE CARVED SMUDGE BOWL. Black & Gray Witches Ritual Smudge Pot & Charcoal Burner.

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A perfect addition to your sacred space, this beautiful smudge bowl can be used in so many ways, it creates magick all on it's own! Use it for any season, to hold your sacred jewelry, fresh picked herbs, use it as your offering bowl, add some sand to let it double as an incense stick, cone & charcoal burner. Let it hold your ritual candles, potions & smudge wands, or over a bed of salt, let it cleanse your crystals... and the list goes on!

This heavy duty soapstone bowl, has beautiful tribal & botanical carvings all around, & measures approx. 5" across by 3" high. It has a black exterior, with a gray interior, and is suitable for many enchanted uses.  Open yourself to the possibilities!

*Sand not included. Hand wash & air dry only.

Blessings to you my fellow Witches,

~ Jenna

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