BLACK ONYX RAVEN. Spirit Animal Totem, Gemstone of Protection & Wisdom.

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Onyx is a powerful stone for protection, grounding & shamanic healing. Onyx absorbs negativity & transmits the energy into a state of purity. It strengthens emotions & helps to build courage & stamina. As it eases levels of stress, the grounding energy it offers removes anxiety, confusion or grief, allowing for level headed & rational thinking. With this new wealth of self-discipline, onyx inspires deeper meditations, insightful divination rituals & a stronger connection to the earth element. As one digs deeper into spiritual roots, past-life traumas may begin to rise up, Onyx creates stability throughout the mind, body & spirit, so that the soul can make peace with these issues & move forward. In magickal practices, Onyx surrounds the aura with a strong shield of protection, raising one's vibrations & pushing away any negative energy.

Ravens / Crows are a spiritual symbol of Protection as well. They are the messengers of the spirit world and watch over the living. If a Crow or Raven is around, magick is sure to be abound. These creatures have the ability to remind the deepest parts of our soul, that we are capable of creating any desire, as we are the masters of our reality. They were once seen as totems that could bend space & time, bringing awareness to the synchronicities that are all around us. The Raven is about spiritual renewal, rebirth, recovery, healing & reflection. With the graceful flight of this enchanting bird, spirit reminds us to welcome light into our own darkness.

** Raven's may have Yellow or Blue eyes **  Chosen at random. ( Yellow eyes pictured )

Each jumbo Onyx stone statue measures approx. 3" inch tall and each special Onyx stone Raven carving chooses its new home, as you will receive 1 (one) piece per order. Each Raven comes in a sheer organza bag on a bed of spanish moss nesting & Onyx stone information card.

Blessings of Love & Light,
~ Jenna

Stone Carvings may vary slightly.

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