Black Cast Iron Altar CAULDRON with Pentacle / Pentagram For Resins, Herbs & Incense

White Witch Parlour

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This deliciously spectacular little 3.5" cauldron is perfect for any Witch or Magickal Practitioner.

Made of Black Cast Iron & displaying an embossed pentacle to represent the unity of all the elements & general protection, this sturdy cauldron is ideal for burning incense (resin & herbs) over hot charcoals, burning candles or warming potpourri. The cauldron includes a metal handle & matching lid, while it sits on it's tripod legs.

Many of you have requested cauldron's to celebrate the Witch within, so here you are!
Many of Blessings on your magickal journey,
~ Jenna

Incense, charcoal, resins & herbs available in my shop! 

* Always use caution with open flame. When in use, Cauldron can get very hot, handle with care.
*All sales final