BLACK AGATE GRID SLAB. Altar Decor with Star of David for Crystal Grids & Energy Generators.

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Black Agate is a stone used in magick for protection, grounding & healing. I promotes strength to move forward, bringing harmony to the space. Ancient people used to use this stone in Shamanic healing rituals to dispel sickness or perform an exorcism against dark energies. It was traditionally also used in times of battle, either worn on the breastplate of a soldier or carried in a medicine bag. When used as the base of a crystal grid, it works to push away any negative energy or distractions, allowing the crystals laid out in grid formation to generate and amplify their purpose. By incorporating the sacred Star of David symbol, which dates back to the 17th century, when it was also called the "Shield of David," it symbolizes the connection of both the internal & external dimensions. It displays the connection between three entities of a higher consciousness or Divine state. Helping us to reconnect with our Soul, a reflection of the Divine, and better find our purpose here on earth. In a three dimensional state, this symbol becomes known as a Merkaba, a Divine light vehicle, used by Ascended Masters to connect to the higher realms.  

Each magically imperfect slab, measures appox. 5.5" - 6". Each Round Black Agate Disk has a slightly polished & reflective surface, with a crude, etched, Gold Star of David that sits in the middle, with 7 notches to hold small crystal spheres. It lays about 1/4" thick, with a smooth black backing, that can double as a stone scrying mirror.

*Crystals not included.

* Slight "scratches" or "cracks" may appear on surfaces, much like marble veins.   

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Blessings to you my fellow Witches, 
~ Jenna  

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