BESOMS & BREWS INCENSE. 20 Stick Pack. For Hallow's Eve, Witchery & Autumnal Energy.

BESOMS & BREWS INCENSE. 20 Stick Pack. For Hallow's Eve, Witchery & Autumnal Energy.

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Sometimes we go through vibrational shifts that hold a lower energy, making us feel in a "funk," disconnected from our craft. It's ok. Use this energy to reflect & soon you will find yourself re-inspired to jump back into your Witchy ways with stronger energy. This is the energy that inspired this candle. It's fun to reconnect to our Witchery & often the cliche` imagery of All Hallow's Eve can stir up the energy within us again. White copal is an energy lifter, it vibrates at a higher frequency, which helps one to re-ignite their creativity & light. Cocoa, long used for divination purposes in ancient ritual, helps us to tap back into our Third Eye Chakra & understand our subconscious thoughts. Together, with the blessing of Clear Quartz, this blend can help to conjure emotions that are beneficial & inspiring, grounding & familiar. The scent seems to change, depending on the vibration you need at that time. Sometimes it smells of apples, opium or cinnamon, candy corn or chocolate, pumpkins, copal resin, or Butterscotch, all Autumnal vibes, that seem to find your needs in that moment. A marbleized top of orange & black ( Black Salt for Protection  a biodegradable organge glitter), allow the Sacral chakra to bring comfort & the void of black to awaken the 'unknown' possibilities that await. 

 My prayer for use:

 " I ignite a flame to spark my witchery. I realign with my sacred history. I come back into what I subconsciously know, deep within my soul & veins it continues to flow. Never does it stop, but only advance, free as my spirit, my magic does dance. I am what I live & I live the craft."  

These wonderful handmade alchemy incense sticks burn for approximately 50 - 60 minutes each and are made up of pressed charcoal sticks, crystal energies, fragrance oils & essential oils. There are 20 magickal sticks in each pack, that yield beautiful and lingering aroma wherever they are burned. These powerful incense can aid in welcoming warmth & cheer, dispelling any negative energy & allowing for a beautiful glow from the heart.

Wishing you a reconnection with your Witchery,

~ Jenna

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Store in cool dry place, keep from heat or direct sunlight. Never leave a lit incense unattended or near flammable items such as curtains. Always think of safety * 

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