APOPHYLLITE REIKI POINT Crystal Talisman. For Meditation & Spiritual Awakening

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Apophyllite is a stone of Light energy, healing the body, mind & spirit, & pulling in the sacred wisdom from the Divine. It allows one to raise the vibrations, protect the aura, channel light beings & heal the self & others with sacred love & light energy. It aids as a portal for Angelic communication & guidance, making it a powerful tool for enlightening your consciousness during deep meditation. It helps to stimulate the Pineal gland & spiritually awaken the mind to the truths that have long been hidden. These unique Vibrations, allow one to enrich their lives in many ways, including amplifying the positive energy in any room that it is in. It helps to release negative thought patterns & action, lowering stress & anxiety & opening the user's eyes to the beauty in the world. Placed over the third eye in meditation enriches the subconscious mind with light & healing energy, stimulating one's psychic awareness.

In Pyramid form, it channels guidance from the Divine & Angelic Realms, making it a powerful tool for spiritual growth. Inscribed with the Ancient Reiki Symbols, for Power, Healing, Protection & Balance, it inspires a new lease on life, to live with the fullest potential, projecting powerful love & healing light from the heart.

This beautiful natural  Apophyllite crystal point is inscribed with ancient Reiki healing symbols in gold, on each of the 4 sides.  Each point measure approx. 1" wide by 1" tall & comes in a decorative purple keepsake box, on a bed of White Sage, with an informational label. 

* Please note that size, shape & coloring of each stone may vary, as this is a natural gift from Mother Earth. Each point chooses it's new home :)

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Brightest Of Blessings,
~ Jenna

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