ANCIENT SHUNGITE BRACELET. Stone Nuggets For Shamanic Healing, Transformation & Earth Connection.

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Where does one begin with such a powerful stone? Shungite is a stone that aids in the transformation of turning old patterns into something new, enchanted & unique. It is known to stabilize energy & closely tie the user to strong Earthly vibrations, enhancing life, health & personal magick like never before. It is a bringer of balance & knowledge of nature's medicine, with stories dating it back 2 billion years. In ritual, Shungite promotes healing to the body & inspires a healthy life; though clouded in mystery, this stone is speculated to come from outer space & works wonders for energy purification & a deeper connection to Earth & space, providing abundant protective energy to the aura & mind, as it enhances grounding to harmful energies. When held in meditation, some notice a deeper awareness of cosmic alignments & happenings, as well as how these movements in the sky are currently affecting Earth. Move beyond your current awareness & experience something ancient.
This ancient stone bracelet measures approx. 7" around on an elastic band with 10 to 11 Shungite stone nuggets.  Simple, masculine & to the point, wear this healing bracelet to better tie your energy to the old ways of magick & Earth energy. Block electromagnetic smog, negativity & inspire transformation. Each enchanting bracelet comes in a jewelry box, with information card on a bed of green moss, ready to gift to a friend or yourself.

Brightest Blessings,
~ Jenna

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