' AIR ' ELEMENT ALL NATURAL POWDER INCENSE. For Freedom, Peace & Letting Go.
' AIR ' ELEMENT ALL NATURAL POWDER INCENSE. For Freedom, Peace & Letting Go.

' AIR ' ELEMENT ALL NATURAL POWDER INCENSE. For Freedom, Peace & Letting Go.

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Inspired by the elements & created for those seeking an all natural incense alternative, the magick of herbs & resins enchant this special blend. Crafted with old fashioned witchery in mind & a creative flow of getting back to the basics, while reconnecting with Nature, this natural blend was created for both it's healing & intentional properties associated with the herbs/ resins used. 

This ' AIR ' Element Inspired Natural Powder Incense carries the amazing scent of the time of Spring & Newness. It's an Airy herbal blend to conjure a deep sense of Freedom, Peace, Flow & Letting Go. It works to heal & rejuvenate the Heart & Crown Chakras, pulling you out of stagnant energy & allowing you to embrace going with the flow, as you learn to feel & listen to the guidance offered from the wind. Yarrow, Lavender & St. John's Wort, work together in a whimsical soft blend to elevate your spirits, bringing a calmness to your heart & open you to creative flow. With the natural scent, which is like a spring breeze through a warm open window & curtains flowing, you'll find yourself inspired to live freely, letting go of troubles & focusing your intentions on your desires & highest good.

In each magickal glass apothecary Jar is 1.5 oz of ' AIR ' Element inspired, all natural powder incense, crafted by a unique blend of herbs and resins. To use, just put a small pinch in a fire-safe dish, then light by an window, letting the breeze carry your intentions.

There are several ways to use this powder incense, you can burn a pinch as is, or traditionally it can be burned over hot charcoals, letting the smoke help to create a sacred space, offering or divination tool. You can run a stone like Amethyst through the smoke to clear it and consecrate it with psychic and intuitive energy. The powder can be tossed into an open flame during a ritual or spell casting. You can dress a candle in the powder for clairvoyant energy, during whatever work you may be doing. A potpourri warmer with some of the powder and water, diffuse the scent and properties quite nice. Lastly, you can create a mixture using this powder to custom make your own all natural cone incense. A little goes a long way!

Here's to your new found Freedom energy,
~ Jenna

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* Store in cool, dry place, keep out of direct sunlight- seal tightly.*
Not meant for consumption.

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