We are going Eco- Friendly

We are very happy to announce that over the next few months we will be changing the way we do thing, becoming more eco-conscious of how we make, package & ship our products! We will be working towards eliminating plastics little to none, focusing on using reusable, recycled, compostable, sustainable supplies. Everything from the paper we print on to the way we package each item, we are making an effort to be eco-friendly to save our planet for future generations!

* Eco-Friendly Supplies will be listed over time as we make the transition one item at a time. 



- PACKING TAPE: We use a Gummed Paper tape which is completely natural, 100% recyclable and compostable. This water activated gummed paper tape has a natural latex glue adhesive on a natural kraft paper backing which becomes sticky when moistened.

- PACKING PAPER: We use eco-friendly newsprint paper made of 100% Recycled Material to cushion products for shipment. It is recyclable & compostable. It is considered to be a brown composting material and will help to add carbon to any compost pile.

- TISSUE PAPER: Also eco-friendly, compostable & made of 100% recycled materials to cushion products for shipment & add a little color!

- INVOICES & PAPER: But what about the paper invoices? Don't worry, no trees were harmed! We use compostable paper brand TreeZero. TreeZero is the only 100% tree free, carbon neutral paper brand in North America. Their paper products are made using sustainable, sugarcane based natural resources. 

- SHIPPING LABELS: Shipping labels are recyclable & compostable, coming from, you guessed it, 100% recycled paper. 

- BOXES: We use USPS flat rate boxes, to save on 'handling fees' that tend to get passed onto the buyer. These boxes are made with post consumer waste! Yay! They are 100% reusable, recyclable, compostable & make great "cars, spaceships or trains" for the little ones on a rainy day. ;)