FOX Animal Totem Cone INCENSE. Blessed by Tiger's Eye & Quartz. For Adventure, Strategy, Curiosity.

FOX Animal Totem Cone INCENSE. Blessed by Tiger's Eye & Quartz. For Adventure, Strategy, Curiosity.

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Inspired by the spirit of the Fox, this whimsical blend came to life. The spirit of the Fox brings a quick-witted playful energy, It inspires us to keep looking & searching for more. A natural explorer, our Fox friend is always seeking new adventures, constantly feeding a curious mind & building upon it's own strategies. This clever creature teaches us to make the most of our lives, by allowing a youthful energy to drive our hearts, forever keeping us young & curious to the world in which we live. Our realities are our own, the Fox shows us how to embrace the most of what we have & understand how we can advance upon it. It's charming nature enlightens our mind's through new travels.

Calling upon the spirit of the Fox, We have been drawn to bless this special blend with the energies of Tiger's Eye & Clear Quartz, bringing a grounding & clear energy to keep the mind sharp. Mixed with Wintergreen, Cinnamon & Pine essential oils, this crisp blend, encourages one to shed old energy & embark on new adventures.

These enchanting 1" incense cones burn for approximately 30 minutes each and are made up of a blend of crystal blessed oils to help enhance the natural properties. There are 20 magickal cones in each box, that yield beautiful, healing aromas, wherever they are burned.
This crisp blend gives off a wooded pine scent, reminiscent of morning dew evaporating off crisp forest pines.

How to use Charcoal Cone Incense:
* Holding the wider end of the cone, light the tip over an open flame, set down on a fire proof dish or incense burner, allow the flame to fully light the core of the incense cone.
* Once the flame has moved to about the 1/3 of the cone, gently blow the flame out, which should now show a white charcoal tip & a red glowing center.
* Allow the cone's smoke to drift through the air in a well ventilated room, that has a continuous flow or slight breeze moving through.

* VEGAN Friendly Product ~ Handmade with Love *

*Always use safety with fire & open flame, do not leave unattended.
Not meant for consumption * keep from small children & pets.

Magickal Blessings,
~ Jenna

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