OWL CONE INCENSE. Animal Totem for Wisdom, Spiritual Sight & Spirituality.
OWL CONE INCENSE. Animal Totem for Wisdom, Spiritual Sight & Spirituality.

OWL CONE INCENSE. Animal Totem for Wisdom, Spiritual Sight & Spirituality.

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While the rest of the world is sleeping, the owl emerges; with vision that can pierce the darkness, this amazing creature hides amongst the shadows, with courage and wisdom, it needs no approval from the other animals, for it knows it's strengths, & it's powers. As a seemingly strong omen, the owl has been accused amongst many cultures as a sign of bad luck, but why? With ties symbolic of death, many people fear the sight of an owl, as it moves amongst the shadow world and possibly amongst the realms, it is easy to see this beautiful animal and quickly assume the worst. However, there is no death without a following of life. With death comes new beginnings & opportunities, a shift that is not always easy, but often necessary to make room for the changes that you seek in life.  Because this gracious animal works in the night, it is highly associated to the subconscious mind and all the magick that comes with it. It reminds us to explore our shadow self, the things we tend to push away and try to forget. Instead, the Owl works with the dark side of our nature, working to heal it and grow from it. The owl as a guide will teach you to hunt for wisdom and embrace change. It will remind you to have courage, even through the darkness & to use your intuitive vision to see things that are often overlooked. As a ruler of the night and seer of the spirit world, you can imagine how important this creature's message is to the magick world, bringing protection, mysticism, spiritual messages & transition to our lives and the spells we cast.

These enchanting 1" incense cones burn for approximately 30 minutes each and are made up of a blend of crystal blessed oils to help enhance the natural properties. The scent of earthly Cedar Wood will enchant your space. There are 20 magickal cones in each box, that yield beautiful, healing aromas, wherever they are burned. 

How to use Charcoal Cone Incense:
* Holding the wider end of the cone, light the tip over an open flame, set down on a fire proof dish or incense burner, allow the flame to fully light the core of the incense cone.
* Once the flame has moved to about the 1/3 of the cone, gently blow the flame out, which should now show a white charcoal tip & a red glowing center.
* Allow the cone's smoke to drift through the air in a well ventilated room, that has a continuous flow or slight breeze moving through.

* VEGAN Friendly Product ~ Handmade with Love *

*Always use safety with fire & open flame, do not leave unattended.
Not meant for consumption * keep from small children & pets.

Magickal Blessings,
~ Jenna

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