What Depression Really Means


I admit, that for myself, time to time I hit that grey area. I start to feel saddened or a lack of motivation. I stay positive throughout, yet I cannot seem to shake it with a simple forced smile.  The trick is not to stay here in this frame of mind, as it can be toxic to your health and advancement in life. It is however o.k. to hit this grey spot every once in a while, because through it, you grow stronger. It is a time when a divine force is stepping in and creating a block forcing you to stop and take a step back to evaluate the current path you are on. Is it the right one path? Will it get you to your desired destination on this path? Or will it only create more stress and unhappiness? Often when we feel at a loss, we quickly turn to anger and frustration, leading to more lower vibrational addictions with over indulgence of any kind. This downward spiral only makes things worse. Never let it get this far, especially because YOU are the one with the power to change it. Instead, grab this depression at its source, and greet it with a hug and say "thank you for making me aware of the wrong path I am choosing, I will now go back to the fork in the road and try the other path."  Sometimes depression can come from plain exhaustion, even if you are doing what you truly love in life, but again this comes from over-indulge, the overindulgence of work. Perhaps you are developing a pattern that you are unhappy with. Depression will make you take time away to stop and realize this if you allow it too.  Often a simple healing walk in nature can re-spark your motivation.  Let's pretend depression is a mountain, it does have a stopping point, yet you still need to climb it. Once you reach the top, you feel the adventure is over and now in a sense, you are bored or saddened. This is the plateau, the space where everything levels out and you simply are. The key is to keep moving forward, because just as the climb of the mountain came to an end, so will this plateau. You can also use this time as a breather, to look back and see all that you have accomplished and all that you have yet to conquer, still ahead of you.  So next time you start sinking into depression, do not fear it, but greet it with a smile, knowing that it will be bringing about a great change and transformation to a better you, if you are so willing.

In Love & Light,

~ Jenna