The Magick of Cornflower

Cornflower's natural indigo coloring vibrates to heal the Third Eye Chakra, working to awaken one's psychic awareness, enhance self knowledge, heal intuitive blocks & access inner wisdom. Cornflower is a powerful took for Indigo Children that seek their spiritual connection, when carried as a talisman, consumed as an herbal tea or used in meditation rituals for spiritual abundance.
Botanical Name: Centaurea Cyanus
Element Correspondences: Earth & Air
Planetary Correspondences: Venus & Saturn
Zodiac Correspondences: Cancer & Virgo
Magickal Uses: Psychic Awareness, Ritual, Third Eye Awakening, Self- Knowledge, Spirituality, Abundance, Love, Magick, Fertility, Growth, Creativity.
Chakras:   Throat (5th), Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)
Magickal Tip: Add Cornflower to tea to help aid in divination practices & psychic development.
Holistic Uses:  A Cornflower tincture or tonic can be used to help heal weak eyes or blemished skin. Cornflower petals can be used to create natural dyes. 


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